Check In 

Check In time is from 2pm onwards.
An early check in can be booked which allows you access to the accommodation at 12pm. This must be pre-booked and paid and is subject to availablilty. 

Some locations will asked for Photographic ID for first time guests. Please refer to the check in information per property.

For insurance and safety purposes please confirm names of who will be staying at the accommodation prior to check in. This will ensure a quicker check in on your

Rooms are subject to maximum occupancy rules set by Roomsbooked. If you would like further details please contact us.

Check Out

Check Out is 10am. A Late Check Out can be booked which extends your check out until 1pm. This must be pre-booked and paid and is subject to availability.  

24 Hour Contact Number

We offer a 24 Hour Contact Number on 01242 582172 for all of our accommodation.
Should you experience any issues or have any questions we are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Parking is specific to each location. Please refer to the parking information per property.

Roomsbooked Terms and Conditions

Applicable to all properties advertised on

Cancellation Policy

Roomsbooked operate a pre-paid, non-refundable and non-transferable policy.
When booking direct with us, we offer two rates:
Advanced Rate - Fully Pre-paid, non-refundable and non-transferable;
Standard Rate: 10% non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking when booking more than 14 days in advance for hotel rooms and 28 days in advance for apartments. Balance will be due 14 or 28 days before the day of arrival depending on which type of accommodation you have booked i.e. room or apartment. Once the reservation is fully paid the booking becomes non-refundable and non-transferable.
Please see the cancellation policy applied to the rate of your booking.

Once the reservation has been fully paid for, all bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event of a cancellation or no show, the full price of the reservation will still be charged. 

Please note when booking a Standard Rate Policy, if the payment is not made by the time frame neccessary, your reservation is at risk of being cancelled.

In the event you wish to cancel your reservation, if booking through a third party, please contact the booking agent you used, if booked direct, please send us an email as written confirmation you wish to cancel. 


We reserve the right to ask for a deposit which is fully refundable upon departure and checking of the accommodation. 
We reserve the right to ask for a Pre-Authorisation which is held for 5 - 10 working days depending on the bank the guest is with. Upon departure and checking of the accommodation we will either claim for any damages and charges that have been incurred during your stay or allow the funds to be released to you. In order to release the funds quicker, the hotel can offer to charge a one penny (1p) charge to the card, releasing the remainder of the funds. 

Pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card. The preauthorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account.

Per Rooms - £250.00 minimum

Per Apartments/Suites - £500.00 minimum

Age Restriction

You must be over 18 in order to make a reservation. If it is discovered that you have gained access to accommodation by deception or wihholding/failing to inform the company we reserve the right to remove the guest without refund. 

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18. This person must be able to validate their age with photo ID. 

However, if you are aged between 18 – 25, you may be asked to provide photographic identification and asked to place a deposit against your reservation before it is confirmed. This is down to our discretion.

Check In & ID

Photographic ID is required to be presented on check in for all of our accommodation. All check in information is sent to the email address you have provided.

Previous guests will not be asked for ID again however may still be asked to provide the payment card.

If you are unable to provide photo ID, the payment card will need to be provided and proof of address for which match the payment card; without this we may be unable to check you in.

Guest Behaviour

Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with Company procedures and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of the accommodation, its employees and guests and their health and safety.  Guests are requested not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, the smooth running of the accommodation, or cause offence to other guests, public or our members of staff.  We reserve the right to refuse and/or remove you and members of your party from the accomodation if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider this provision to have been breached. Where this is the case we shall have no obligation to refund you for lost accommodation, other services or any other loss or expense incurred.

Right to Refuse

As per the Check In and ID policy, if you are unable to provide any form of identification we reserve the right to refuse you without refund as you are in breach of the Terms and Conditions. 
As per the Age Restriction policy, if you are unable to provide valid evidence you are over the age of 18 we reserve the right to refuse you without refund as you are in breach of the Terms and Conditions. 
Abusive behaviour and language is not tolerated towards any of our guests, the public or employees. If this behaviour is adopted by any guest we reserve the right to refuse you without issuing a refund.

Pet Policy

We operate a strict NO PETS POLICY. Should it be proven that a pet has been found to have been in the accommodation a charge is applicable.

If the pet/s are not removed you may be asked to leave the accommodation and you booking will risk being cancelled in its entirety and no refund given.


All accommodations offering parking are based on a first come, first served basis. 

Warwick Place Apartments offer parking for £10.00 per day per vehicle (1 space per apartment). All other accommodation with parking is offered free of charge and cannot be pre-booked. 

Please note all cars left at our accommodations are left at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible.

When parking in a public Car Park we are not held liable for any parking charges, damages or theft whether or not directed to the car park in question by our staff. Your vehicle is your own responsibility.

Additional Extras & Requests

All additional extras are offered at our discretion. Please note during March Gold Cup Race week, some additional extras will not be offered: Late Check Outs and Early Check Ins. Due to the high volume of guests generating additional cleaning these will not be offered during this period.

Early Check Ins must be booked and paid for a minimum of 24 hours before the day of arrival otherwise it cannot be arranged. Late Check Outs must be booked and paid for the minimum 24 hours before the day of departure. If you fail to check out on time and extend your check out time, the price of a Late Check Out is doubled. 

Early Check In (12pm instead of 2pm) - £10.00 per room, £20.00 per apartment. 
Late Check Out - (1pm instead of 10am) £15.00 per room, £30.00 per apartment

WiFi is a free service we offer throughout our accommodation. We cannot be held responsible if at any point the connection fails or is slow. We do ask that in the event that you have these issues to inform us at your earliest convenience and we can try to resolve the issue.

Please note we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to try and meet your bed layout request; although we try to meet your bed layout request, they cannot always be guaranteed. 

Travel cots are available subject to availability. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to try and meet your request. Please note this cannot be guaranteed. Although we do provide travel cots, we do not provide bedding due to Health and Safety reasons. 

If you require a special request with is highly important for your stay, please call ahead before booking to see if we can cater to your request; although we try our utmost to meet all requests, they cannot always be guaranteed. 

We do not offer any air-conditioning within our accommodation. Certain accommodation offer fans which are subject to availabilty and are available by request on a first come, first served basis. 

Complaints Procedure

All complaints will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. We aim to respond within 2 - 14 working days. Please note this will also vary depending on the complexity of issue/s raised.

We do ask that when raising an issue or complaint you firstly contact the 24 hour help line to try and resolve the issue or offer an alternative solution.  

When making an official complaint we do ask that this is put to us in writing, addressed to,
within 24 - 48 hours of the date of the incident. This will allow us reasonable time to investigate the issue should we need to attend to a property.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution you can then raise the complaint to a Supervisor which must be dealt with in writing.

Again, if you are unsatisfied with the outcome provided from the Supervisors, you can then escalate this to the Manager.

Please note any offer of compensation will be done so in writing and must be accepted within 7 days of the offer date. If not accepted in this time the offer will be retracted and no further compensation will be offered.

Payment Card Types

Please note there is a 3.5% charge on all reservations made with an American Express card. The following are not accepted: Virtual Cards, Visa Electron.

Post, Personal Items & Belongings

Any post delivered to any of our locations are done so at your own risk. We cannot sign for any post and cannot be held resposible for any items you have delivered to any of our properties. 

Please note if leaving your belongings in a public area at the hotel, you are doing so at your own risk. We will not hold anything of value behind reception. We advise that anything of value must be kept on you at all times. We do not take any responsiblity for any items you leave unattended at our properties. If you fear anything has been lost or stolen you must inform the local police department. We will try our utmost to assist you within this if we can. 


Any reservations made that charge commission must have a full formal written contract signed and witnessed by our company solicitors.

In the event a third party company/booking agent has made a reservation and there is no contract in place, Roomsbooked Ltd, will not be liable to pay any invoices. 

These Terms and Conditions are due to third party booking agents informings us as a company of their commission AFTER making a reservation. 

Call Out Charge

There is a £35.00 call out for a member of staff to attend in a non-emergency. If this is a non-emergency, payment will be required before the member of staff will attend. 

If a member of staff has been called by someone other than yourself to attend to your accommodation due to a complaint, should it be deemed neccessary you will be charged £35.00 call out fee for a member of staff to attend. 

Alternatively, if you have requested a member of staff to attend to other guests due to a complaint and it appears the complaint was false, you will be charged £35.00 call out fee for a member of staff to attend. 

Damages & Charges

Please note that if the damage and charges are not paid for within 7 days or there is a refusal to pay the further action will be taken against the card holder to recover the monies owed.

Please note damage to the accommodation is a Criminal Offence. 

During your stay, it will be calculated if any damages or charges have occured. These will be detucted from the deposit left upon departure; if no deposit has been left, settlement will need to be made immediately. 

We reserve the right and you hereby authorise us to charge your credit or debit card used to make the reservation for any damage incurred to your accommodation and any public areas within any accommodation advertised on Roomsbooked during your stay (including without limitation specialist cleaning) or for any items that are missing when you leave and/or for failing to check out on time. 

If it is found that unreasonable damage and charges have been caused to the accommodation before your departure date we reserve the right to remove you from the accommodation without issuing a refund for the remainder of your stay. If the cost of those incidents exceed the authorisation taken on check-in, further authorisation will automatically be requested and if such authorisation is not available, we may request another method of settlement. It will be down to our discretion whether your reservation is allowed to continue or will be terminated early without refund. 


At the time of booking a card is required to secure your reservation in its entirety including the following: 

As the Card Holder and/or Booker, you are liable for any damages and charges caused to the accommodation during your stay. 

Please be aware that during your stay, you are liable for all damages and misuse of the facilities and the equipment that is provided. For example:

  • - Furniture

  • - Towels ect.

  • - Redecoration

  • - Appliances

  • - Fire, Health & Safety Equipment such as Fire Extinguishers
All damages will be assessed and charged accordingly to material, replacements, parts and labour fees.
There is a £100 charge for disposal of large item damaged furniture ie beds, settees ect.


Additional charges will apply for the following:

  • - VOMITING: A specialist cleaning kit will be required and extra time will be taken to clean the apartment. This will incur a charge of £60 and £25 per hour labour charge for the additional cleaning.

  • - SOILING OF BEDS: A specialist cleaning kit will be required and the mattress will be replaced. This will incur a charge of £60, £25 per hour labour charge as required and the cost of replacement for the mattress.

  • - PETS: A specialist kit will be required. This will incur a £60 charge and £25 per hour labour charge for the additional cleaning.

  • CHECK OUT: Check out is strictly 10am. We reserve the right to charge late check out charge, whcih is is £15 per room or £30 per apartment if you fail to check out on time. Should you fail to check out by check in time (2pm) you will incur the nights rate charged

  • - DAMAGES TO ACCOMMODATION: This will be assessed and charged accordingly to material, replacements, parts and labour fees.

  • - CALL OUT CHARGE - A £30.00 will be payable should a member of staff be required to attend to your accommodation for a non-emergency. 

  • - KEYS: Failure to return a key before 12pm on the day or departure or the loss of akey will result in a £25.00 charge per key. 

  • - SMOKING CHARGE: A £100.00 smoking charge is applicable should you found to be smoking in the accommodation in private or public areas. This charge will double if caught a second time and you will be removed from the accommodation without refund. 

  • - EXCESSIVE CLEANING CHARGE: A cleaning charge is applicable if it is deemed that our Housekeeping Team have had to do additional cleaning on the accommodation you have vacated. It will be charged at £25.00 per hour per housekeeper. 

  • - NON-EMERGENCY USE OF A FIRE EXTINGUISHER: If it has been found that you a repsonsible for incorrectly setting off a fire extinguisher for a non-emergency, you will be charged the cost to replace the fire extinguisher.