Roomsbooked Terms and Conditions


Please read the Terms and Conditions outlined below before making a reservation for any accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd or using


Please note we operate a 24 Hour Helpline on 01242 582172. You can also contact our Head Office for assistance at


General Terms and Conditions

 These are the terms and conditions that apply when you reserve accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd using any digital channels in which we are advertised on, booking direct over the phone or in person.

When making a reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions advertised on

All rates quoted are subject to availability and alteration. All discounted rates quoted are limited offers and subject to availability and may be subject to a minimum night stay. You must be at least 18 years old to book a room for any accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd.

All bookings, whether prepaid or amendable will be charged at local currency. 

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information, Roomsbooked Ltd does not accept liability for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to change information, pricing and descriptions of listed hotels and products.

Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and you should therefore check them each time you make a reservation. The terms and conditions applying to your reservation will be those in place on the date that you make your reservation.

Additional terms apply to your use of digital channels whether or not you make a reservation through them. These are published on the relevant digital channel.


1. Reservations

 You must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation. Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to refuse you if you are less than 18 years of age or are unable to prove you are over 18 years of age without refund. 

You will need to provide your credit or debit card details to secure your reservation. Roomsbooked Ltd accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to secure a reservation.

Please check that the details of your reservation are complete and accurate before you confirm your reservation. We will not be liable for any delay or non-performance if you provide us with incorrect information.

We will confirm our acceptance of your reservation by sending you an email to the email address that you provide during the reservation process. The contract between us for the provision of your room and any additional services added to your reservation will be formed when you receive this email confirmation from us.

If you think that there is a mistake in your reservation or if you require any changes to a confirmed reservation, please contact us to discuss. For more information on cancellation, please see section 7, below.

2. Group Reservations

 A reservation of four rooms or more is usually considered a group booking within Roomsbooked Ltd.

Group Reservations are subject to additional terms and conditions, please contact the Head Office on 01242 582172 or for further information.

3. Room Prices

Roomsbooked Ltd adopts dynamic pricing and the price of our rooms fluctuates based on demand. Prices are correct at the time of quoting, and are subject to change. Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to reject reservations.

Room prices are inclusive of VAT at the applicable rate at the time of your reservation. We operate the VAT in accordance with the VAT Laws. 

Meals and other extras are not included in the room price but you may be able to add them to your reservation during the booking process or they may be available to you during your stay. You may pay for breakfast and selected extras at the same time as paying for your room. All other meals and extras must be paid for separately.


4. Occupancy

The maximum room occupancy is advertised when you book your accommodation. Rooms (where available) can accommodate children (under the age of 3) alongside adult occupancy. Please call us on 01242 582172 before booking. You must not exceed the maximum occupancy for the room allocated to you. Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to conduct checks on occupancy. Occupancy is not transferable.

Where occupancy has been exceeded, additional persons will be asked to leave the accommodation. 

Children under 18 are not permitted to stay in any accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd unless a parent or guardian is also staying in the accommodation. Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to request valid photographic proof of identity and age, so please bring this with you otherwise where requested you will not be permitted to stay.


5. Food & Beverages

 Food and Beverages are not included in the room price.

You may add breakfast (where available) when you make your reservation.


6. Paying for Your Accommodation

If you have not paid for your room and any extras added to your booking in full at the time you make your reservation, you will need to as per the payment/cancellation policy selected at the time of booking.

Payment may be made by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). The expiry date of your debit/credit card must be later than the end of your stay. We do not accept personal cheques or cash.

Accommodation may be paid for by bank transfer, however Roomsbooked Ltd must receive cleared funds via a same day bank transfer by 17:00 pm (GMT time). 

Large Group, Company or Travel Agency reservations may agree specific payment terms which must be agreed in writing prior to booking. 

Roomsbooked Ltd can offer special payment policies as part of an offer. This payment policy must be agreed to before making the reservation. Any special payment policies will be confirmed in writing via your confirmation email. Failure to adhere to the special payment policy outlined in your confirmation email will put your reservation at risk of being cancelled. 


i. Payment Policies

Roomsbooked Ltd operates the below payment policies: 

Advanced Rate - Fully prepaid, non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Standard Rate - Payment must be made 48 hours prior to the date of arrival (GMT time). Once the reservation has been paid, the reservation becomes non-refundable and non-transferable in its entirety. 

Pay On Arrival Rate - Payment must be made by 18:00 pm on the day of arrival (GMT time). Once the reservation has been paid, the reservation becomes non-refundable and non-transferable in its entirety. 

ii. Pending Payments

A card must be provided to guarantee the reservation. 

Reservations made under the Standard Rate and Pay On Arrival Rate will require a pending payment to be set up, where the card provided will be debited in accordance with the payment policy selected at the time of booking. 

Any reservations where a card has not been provided to guarantee the reservation will be at risk of being cancelled. 


iii. Declined Payment

Should a payment decline, the reservation will be at risk of being cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation in where the payment policy has not been adhered to. 


iiii. Deposits

All deposits paid are done non-refundable and non-transferable. 


7. Cancellation 

You can cancel your reservation at any time. All direct bookings made with Roomsbooked Ltd require an email sent to our Head Office, All bookings made via a third party must be cancelled with the booking agent. 


i. Cancellation Policies

Advanced Rate - Any reservation made under the advanced rate operates a non-refundable and non-transferable policy. 

Standard Rate - Any reservation cancelled prior to 48 hours prior to the date of arrival will be cancelled free of charge (GMT time). Any reservation cancelled within the 48 hours prior to the date of arrival will be cancelled under a non-refundable and non-transferable policy (GMT time). 

Pay On Arrival Rate - Any reservation cancelled prior to 18:00 pm on the day of arrival will be cancelled free of charge (GMT time). Any reservation cancelled after 18:00 pm on the day of arrival will be cancelled under a non-refundable and non-transferable policy (GMT time). 

Please note, in the event you pay for a Standard Rate or Pay On Arrival rate prior to the time outlined above, the payment will be non-refundable and non-transferable. 


ii. No Shows

In the event of a no show, the full price of the reservation will be charged.


8. Our right to cancel

Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd. Please note this includes but is not limited to:


i. Your breach

We may cancel your reservation at any time with immediate effect by giving you written notice (which includes email) if:

If we cancel your reservation where you are at fault, we reserve our legal rights in respect of your breach of contract. Where your stay had/has not yet commenced, the total payment made or to be made by you for such room shall be deemed a cancellation charge and is not for any service.

9. Arrival and Departure

i. Check In

Access to accommodation is available from 14:00 pm (GMT time) on the day of arrival.

 An Early Check in is available for an additional charge from 12:00 pm (GMT time). Early Check Ins are subject to availability. Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. Early Check Ins must be paid for before they are confirmed.

ii. Apartment Check-in 

The booker is the only person that can check-in and collect keys when you have booked to stay at one of our apartments 

If you have booked on behalf of someone else please inform us via email, before check-in, of the guests details 


iii. Photographic Identification

In our continuous efforts to ensure security and to prevent fraud, at check-in, guests will be asked to confirm their identity by providing their Photographic Identification and the card used to secure the reservation.

Accepted forms of Photo Identification

A copy of your Photographic Identification will be taken at check-in.

A Check-In Form will be provided and you will be asked to fill this out in its entirety.

Please be aware these records will be kept for at least 12 months and may be disclosed or made available for inspection by any police officer or as otherwise required by applicable law in connection with the prevention or investigation of crime. The information above may be requested for each member of your party over the age of 16.

If you do not have an accepted form of photo identification you will need another form of photo identification and proof of address

If you are unable to provide Photographic Identification, Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to refuse you without a refund.

iiii. Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse guests for various reasons. This can include:

Due to maintenance issues - IE a leak in a room. (In this case, we would aim to re-locate you to one of our alternative locations)

Guests who are abusive or threatening to staff.
Failure to provide Photographic I.D
Failure to complete the Check-in Form
Failure to provide a Pre-authorisation
Failure to match personal details to reservation or photographic I.D

Banned or associated with a banned guest


iiiii. Pre-Authorisation

We reserve the right to ask for a Pre-Authorisation which is fully releasable upon departure and checking of the accommodation. 

We reserve the right to ask for a Pre-Authorisation which is held for 5 - 10 working days depending on the bank the guest is with. Upon departure and checking of the accommodation we will either claim for any damages and charges that have been incurred during your stay or allow the funds to be released to you.

In order to release the funds quicker, the hotel can issue a one penny (1p) charge to the card, releasing the remainder of the funds. Standard policy is to issue a 1p charge unless stated otherwise. 

A Pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card. The pre- authorisation is not a charge and no funds have been debited from your account.

The amount of the Pre-Authorisation is determined dependent on the accommodation booked. Please note each room and apartment must provide individual Pre-Authorisations. The minimum amount asked will be £100.00 (GBP) per room and £250.00 (GBP) per apartment, this can increase to £500 for both. 

As the accommodation varies from budget rooms to luxury serviced apartments, please call ahead to confirm the Pre-Authorisation amount prior to booking.

If you are unable to provide a Pre-Authorisation, Roomsbooked Ltd always reserved the right to refuse you entry without refund. 


iiiiii. Check Out

We kindly ask all guests to vacate the accommodation by 10:00 am (GMT time) on the day of departure.

Should it be found that any guests have not vacated the accommodation at this time they will be liable to pay the late check out charge extending access to the room until 13:00 pm (GMT time). If the guest has not vacated the accommodation by this time, they will then be liable to pay the nightly rate.

If we are not able to contact the guest your personal items will be at risk from being removed from the accommodation. 


10. Special Requests

 Although Roomsbooked Ltd will try to accommodate special requests, all requests are subject to availability.

Please notify Roomsbooked Ltd at your earliest convenience to give ample opportunity to complete your request on 01242 582172 or

Roomsbooked Ltd reserved the right to deny any special request. 

Please note we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to try and meet your bed layout request; although we try to meet your bed layout request, they cannot always be guaranteed. 

Travel Cots are available subject to availability. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to try and meet your request. Please note this cannot be guaranteed. Although we do provide travel cots, we do not provide bedding due to Health and Safety reasons. 

Air-conditioning is available at the Doncaster International Hotel only. Certain accommodations offer fans which are subject to availability and are available by request on a first come, first served basis.


11. Parking

 All accommodations offering parking are based on a first come, first served basis. 

Please note all cars left at our accommodations are left at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible.

When parking in a public Car Park we are not held liable for any parking charges, damages or theft whether or not directed to the car park in question by our staff. Your vehicle is your own responsibility.


12. Roomsbooked Ltd Expectations of you (and your group)

Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with Company procedures and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of the accommodation, its employees and guests and their health and safety. Guests are requested not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, the smooth running of the accommodation, or cause offence to other guests, public or our members of staff.  

You must not:

If you or your group cause damage or loss of any kind to the hotel, other guests or their property, you (as the person making the booking) will be responsible for that damage or loss and you shall be liable to pay to Roomsbooked Ltd on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage or loss.

Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to refuse and/or remove you and members of your party from the accommodation if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider this provision to have been breached and reserve the right to:

Where this is the case we shall have no obligation to refund you for lost accommodation, other services or any other loss or expense incurred.


i. Charges for Damage

Please note that if the damage and charges are not paid for within 7 days or there is a refusal to pay the further action will be taken against the card holder to recover the monies owed.

Please note damage to the accommodation is a Criminal Offence. 

During your stay, it will be calculated if any damages or charges have occured. These will be deducted from the deposit left upon departure; if no deposit has been left, settlement will need to be made immediately. 

If it is found that unreasonable damage and charges have been caused to the accommodation before your departure date Roomsbooked Ltd always reserve the right to remove you from the accommodation without issuing a refund for the remainder of your stay. If the cost of those incidents exceed the authorisation taken on check-in, further authorisation will automatically be requested and if such authorisation is not available, we may request another method of settlement. It will be down to our discretion whether your reservation is allowed to continue or will be terminated early without refund. 

Charges apply for the following: 


ii. Banned Guests

Roomsbooked Ltd always reserves the right to permanently ban guests from all properties operated by Roomsbooked Ltd if they do not abide by the expectations of you (and your group).

In the event a banned guest chooses to make a reservation with Roomsbooked Ltd or for accommodation operated by Roomsbooked Ltd, the guest will be denied entry to the accommodation without refund. 

In the event a banned guest gains entry to a property operated by Roomsbooked Ltd, the banned guest and booker will be required to leave the accommodation immediately and no refund will be given. 


13. Post, Personal Items & Belongings

Any post delivered to any of our locations are done so at your own risk. Roomsbooked Ltd and staff cannot sign for any post and cannot be held responsible for any items you have delivered to any of our properties. 

Please note if leaving your belongings in a public area at the hotel, you are doing so at your own risk. We will not hold anything of value behind reception. We advise that anything of value must be kept on you at all times. Roomsbooked Ltd do not take any responsibility for any items you leave unattended at our properties. If you fear anything has been lost or stolen you must inform the local police department. We will try our utmost to assist you within this if we can. 


14. Housekeeping 

Housekeeping is done between 10am - 3pm. Access must be granted to the Housekeeping Staff at all times, please see section 12 above. 

If you are working on night shifts, please contact us to arrange an appropriate time for Housekeeping.

We pride ourselves on improving our Environmental Practice. We are working hard to always maintain and improve our environment. We strive to offer affordable accommodation without affecting our surrounding environment by understanding how we can exist with our environment rather than working against it. In light of this we have introduced a number of policies which we feel reduce the impact of damaging the environment but not diminish the service our guests receive.

Key Points:


15. Commission

Any reservations made that charge commission must have a full formal written contract signed and witnessed by our company solicitors.

In the event a third party company/booking agent has made a reservation and there is no contract in place, Roomsbooked Ltd, will not be liable to pay any invoices. 

These Terms and Conditions are due to third party booking agents informings us as a company of their commission AFTER making a reservation. 

16. Complaint Procedure

Who can file a complaint:

Any complaint can be submitted by a named guest of the hotel.

First point of contact:

Should you worry about any aspect of the services we offer, your first point of contact should be the hotel’s reception or our 24 Hour Contact Number (01242 582172). Our aim is to promptly resolve any possible issue you might have, prior to your departure.

Complaints procedure steps:

If you find it necessary to pursue the matter further, you should submit a formal complaint letter (by electronic mail) addressed to to investigate the matter independently as soon as possible (ideally within 24-48 hours)

We expect from you:

– To indicate information about your reservation as well as your full contact details
– To describe your complaint clearly and accurately
– To be specific with respect to the reasons for which you are filing a complaint
– To mention your expectations clearly, in regards to the resolution of the issue
Having received a reply from the Customer Service Team and if you are still not satisfied with the way in which your complaint has been handled, you may escalate this to Higher Management of which they will then be contacted.

Response timeframes in complaints handling:

– Acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 working days of receipt.
– Your complaint will be addressed within 15 working days. A relevant response will be sent immediately.
– On rare occasions where more time is required for the proper and detailed investigation of your complaint, an extension period will be requested in writing. In our written response via email, besides any additional information that we may request, we will inform you of our actions taken so far and any further actions required for the completion of the investigation.
– Our aim is to ensure that you receive our final response within 10 working days from the time of the extension notification.

Status update request:

Should you wish to request an update at any stage of the complaint investigation, you can do so by contacting Customer Service via email or our Head Office on 01242582172. 


Any and all compensation will be offered in writing only, as Full and Final settlement of the matter.

You will have 7 days from the date this is offered to accept this. After this time frame has passed, the offer will be null and void and no further compensation will be offered. 


17. Roomsbooked Rewards

Please see below the terms of the Roomsbooked Reward Scheme:


18. Promotions and Offers

Please note that all promotional offers are subject to specific terms, conditions and restrictions listed either on this page or on the specific webpage relating to that offer. All special offers are subject to availability. At any point in time Roomsbooked Ltd may have a number of offers and promotions available. 

19. Competitions

Any prize draw/ giveaway /competition hosted by Roomsbooked Ltd is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

The opening and closing date for the prize draw/ giveaway /competition are as advertised in the associated post and the winner(s) will be notified directly shortly after the prize draw/ giveaway /competition has ended.

In order to enter, entrants must follow the instructions outlined. Entrants are required to meet the criteria specified but otherwise, no purchase is necessary.

Person(s) will be selected at random to win the prize on offer and will be notified via the social media account used to enter the prize draw/ giveaway /competition.

The prize draw/ giveaway /competition is only open to those who are aged 18 years and above at the time of entry.

If the potential winner cannot be contacted or the prize notification is returned or is undeliverable, such potential winner forfeits all rights to any prize and an alternate winner will be selected. An unclaimed prize may not be awarded.

The prize does not have a cash alternative and is non-transferable.

Roomsbooked Ltd will have the right to publicly disclose the name of the winner. The winner’s name will be published on social media platforms.

Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions as final and binding.

Entries that are not in accordance with the terms and conditions will be disqualified.

Roomsbooked Ltd reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the prize draw/ giveaway /competition at any time and for any reason without notice.

Roomsbooked Ltd's decision in respect of all matters to with the prize draw/ giveaway /competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

20. Passwords

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own password and account for all activities that occur under your account.