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Located just a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive from the Central Hotel Cheltenham (Main Reception). 

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Not only are the Pittville Pump Rooms one of the largest baths but it is also one of the very last spa buildings to be built in Cheltenham. 
The Pump Rooms are a Grade II listed building built by the architect John Forbes betwen 1825 - 1830 and still contains the original pump made of marble and scagliola to this day. 
During the 19th century the ownership of the Pump Rooms was passed over to the town council after a succession of lessees, who offered the venue for public events, failed to make any profit. To this day Cheltenham Borough Council still use the Pump Rooms for public events and is frequently used as a venue for concerts during the Music Festival. At one point the building offered a Museum of Fashion on the upper floor. 


A spectactular venue for a wedding. The Grade I listed building has an aura of elegance with its colonnade of stunnig columns, beautiful bridal entrance complete with red carpet, breath-taking domed ceiling anf crystal chandeliers. 
The Pump Rooms are located in the romantic and charming setting of Pittville Park boasting a unique backdrop of open lawns, trees, pathways and bridges.