Gloucester Docks


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Tall Ships


Every 2 years the Docks are host to the Tall Ships Festival, (next held May 2017)

The festival brings in a huge crowd of visitors, in excess of 80,000, to view Tall Ships sailing in from all over the world.

Re-enactments of Pirate Ship Battles, cannons fireing are among the many entertainments on offer.

There is usually at least one Tall Sip moored at Gloucester Docks all year round every year.  Tommi Neilsons Dry Dock on West Quay restores ships all year round.  Employing experience shipwrights keeping up with traditional methods.



There are 2 museums located on the docks.  The first being the Waterways Museum located in the basin.

In the museum you can view historic craft & learn about the history of the Canal & Docks, with some interactive hands on displays.

During certain times you can enjoy a river cruise or even hire a private barge, available for day hire.

Next the Soldiers of Gloucester Museum is located at the oposite end of the docks. Giving an insite into the many regiments of soldiers of Gloucester.  Dating back over centuries.  You can also discover if you have any ancestors.



Gloucester Docks are a huge visitor attraction.  With a host of Bars & Restaraunts in & around the docks & over looking the water

Origionally built & finished in 1827, it is today one of the most preserved examples of a Victorian Docks.  The docks however date as far back as pre 1390 & where given Royal Staus by Queen Elizabeth I in 1580.

The current docks where built as a terminal for cargo ships to tranship their loads, to be distributed by canal throughout the country.  This was due at the time to Bristol becoming too busy & expensive to off load at.

The ships entered the canal at the Sharpness junction from the River Sever & could directly access the basin.