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Located a short 10 minute walk or 6 minute drive from the Central Hotel Cheltenham (Main Reception). 

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The Cheltenham Town Hall is an early 20th Century assebly rooms in Cheltenham. It was built between 1902 - 1903; its purpose was to provide a social venue for events to replace an older venue. 
At the time of its construction, the building cost £45,000.00, including the structural buuilding, interior decoration, fixtures and fittings. It was formally opened by a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks Beach MP, on the 5th December 1903. 
The Town Hall makes a stunning wedding venue with its grand entrance, marble Corinthien style columns and beautiful balconies perfect for photos of your magical day. There are various sizes of venue rooms accommodating from a delicate and intimte wedding size of 6 to an enormous 1,000 guests. 
It's a perfect venue for a wedding in the heart of the town centre filled with gorgeous historic architecture. 


Cheltenham Town Hall hosts many of the events for the Cheltenham Festivals annually. 
From the Literature, Music, Jazz and Science Festival follwing many other events. A variety of speakers and celebrities attend each year to speak out about their respective fields or perform their talents. 

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